Manifesto of a Future Republic

I’d like to make a few comments concerning the aim of this site (aside from it arising out of a college-class’ requirements).

First, to the name of this site and movement: A Future Republic.

Using the term Republic does not imply a “Republican” angle to the movement. In fact, although the United States President and other high-ranking elected officials often refer to America as a “democracy,” we have in face a “representative democracy,” which, by definition, is a republic.

Second, I’d like to address a truth often hidden by discussions of what is versus what could be.

Our education system propagates the status quo, especially when it comes to politics. Students are inundated with particulars of political history: Here is what happened, now repeat the process. Students aren’t equipped with an appreciation for and understanding of the power they wield when it comes to the fashioning of our entire political system.

Such is one of the failings of teaching students history.

What everyone needs to realize is the great responsibility and possibility exists for us as individuals, and us as collective political bodies: our lives, our communities, our country, our political system is 100% in our hands. Just because a two-party stranglehold has existed, it does not follow that we must continue this trend.

To each successive generation of political activists, we must live and shout our motto:

What was is inadequate for determining what could be.

If we continue to perpetuate an inadequate system through cowardice, antiquated voting systems, and lack of involvement, we are just as culpable for the state of affairs that plague our nation’s politics.

Let us reverse these trends, however slowly.


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